WRITE 1 PARAGRAPH/SECTION PER ITEM LISTED The story takes place at the park. Two characters, Fletcher and Cameron - converse at a park bench while a third, unbeknownst to them, watches. 1. The Weather.                The grey skies threatened to snow as the biting cold wind blew from the northwest. You can feel the chill … Continue reading MODULAR DESIGN ACTIVITY – assignment

The Incident

“Ding-Dong.” “Will someone answer the door?” yells David grumpily. After a moment, he hears the doorbell again, “Jesus…,” he gets off the couch and trots to the door, then swings it open. A man is holding out an oversized bright blue envelope. David takes the oversized blue envelope, then he hears the kids screaming and … Continue reading The Incident


I am reading a fantasy novel, Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever Chronicles, which I haven’t read since I was 15 (a long time ago). I barely remember the plot, never mind the details; it’s strange how little of the story I remember. The story is a fast read. I started late last night, and I am … Continue reading Returning

On the go

I have three stories on the go: my memoir, my thriller and a ya fantasy sequel. I edited all my works this past weekend. It was only grammar corrections but a productive weekend. Now, I feel as if I  can complete my memoir, then return to work on the other two novels. My memoir is … Continue reading On the go

Beginning to normalize

I am back at it. Back at work, back at reading and writing regularly. To say life has been strange would be an understatement. The Covid isolation over this past year messed with my head. Although I didn't feel depressed, all the signs weren't in a good space. So I stopped, or almost ceased, reading … Continue reading Beginning to normalize

Everything changed, when…

I started Dantrium capsules on May 13, 2017, and my walking has never been the same; my trot vastly improved. The difference was like night and day. Before the pills, I never knew what it was like to experience relaxed leg muscles – the spasticity was gone. For the first time in my fifty-year life … Continue reading Everything changed, when…