Charlie it is nice to see you again.
It has been a long time since you were gone.
I been meaning to call, but life got in the way.
Time to reconnect and rediscover the friendship that was lost.

We were close when we were young.
Then mom died and you left.
Dad died the following year.
You are my brother, so I forgive your absence.

You are home, and you are here.
Ever welcomed and always dear.
The door for you is always be opened.
You have a place to relax and refresh
From all the troubles life throws your way.

That is the way of things.
I guess.
You are here.
I am grateful.

Your smile is contagious as always.
When you laugh, you make me chuckle.
Speaking with you here today.
It is like you never left and kept away.

My brother, my friend.
Please stay.
Never leave again.
This is my plea.

It is you; I love.
Unconditionally cared for.
You are family.
You are my friend.

Robert Confiant 2 October 2014

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