Hope eternal

Here, watching the rain pour down.
Melancholy sets in.
Thinking of yesteryear.
Pondering events.
What could and should have been.

It was not all bad.
There were good times.
Laughing, singing and some crying too.
A time of fun, games and a bit of solitude.
That is life.

It is strange.
How one can see an event different from you.
Perception is a tricky thing.
Two meanings from an instant in time.
We are all unique.

However, that was then.
Those days are gone.
We cannot change the past.
Nevertheless, we can learn to move on.

The rain stops and the sun comes out.
The sky clears and is blue.
A shake of the head.
The moment is gone.
Now is all that is.

The child appears and takes the hand.
Look down upon the little one.
See the joy and the love.
Filled with wonder and hope.
Tomorrow is another day.

Forget about what was.
The slate is clean.
Look forward and boldly step.
Into hope eternal.

Robert Confiant 2 October 2014 (mod 12 March 2016)



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