I am feeling a little blue

I am feeling a little blue.
You are surprised I see.
I look down, to observe:
You do not know what to say.

You, sigh, then say, “I am sorry that I never knew…”
“The real person that was you.”
“Tomorrow, tomorrow,” we say,
“Tomorrow is another day to speak your mind.”

We delay.
What we should say…
I guess it is just human nature
— To put off what needs saying, “Please don’t go; I care.”

The person that you were.
Today seems like a blur.
You are gone; I feel unsure.
I thought you would never go.
How wrong I was; I could not know.

I realize, too late.
My thinking is wrong.
I can only wish for your forgiveness.
I never thought…
I could not know; how much my act would hurt you.

You bid me well.
Your tears flowed freely.
You never knew the real me —
I never let you.
For this reason, you’re feeling a little blue.

And I, I feel it too.
—Robert Confiant 17 April 2016 (24 March 2018)

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