I lost a friend (for Richard Dowrey in Memoriam)

Richard Dawrey

I lost a friend the other week.
He died.
Nevertheless, I must wonder how.
Did the incident a few years back contribute to his demise?
How could it not?

Bashed for being overly friendly.
Bashed for being gay.
Why did it have to be this way?
He thought himself to be in a safe and accepting place.
However, this date, he was wrong.

A predator roamed that day.
It was ultimately your fate.
You should have stayed away.
Then it would have been another.
By a target seeking bloodsucker.

Why he’d stroked – we will never know.
Fear and loathing – forever trolling.
Could not face his inner yearnings?
Drawing and withdrawing maybe?
We only know a friend is gone forever.

Living a life, a shadow of your previous self.
Never to remember
The good man you used to be.
Striving against all odds to reclaim some small part of what you lost.
Until the day, you ceased to be.

Robert Confiant 23 February 2015 (mod 12 March 2016)

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