Life is funny

Life is funny, ha, ha.

Just when you think, you have a handle on things. Life throws you a curve ball. You travel down one road, only to find later that the road ends, or it is blocked, and you need to take a different route. My life had many such turns.

My first job was a janitor. After telling my mom that I wished to get a job to earn my own money and confessing my doubt, that my disability would prevent me from anyone hiring me. She asked her boss to give me a try, which her boss did.

After high school, I left that job to go to college (unsuccessfully, due to the fact I did not really want to be there). When that part of my life ended, the recession of the early 1980’s occurred, and I was unemployed.

My depression occurred about this time. After a few years, I began to recover.

Eventually, I went back to high school to get my Grade 13/OAC credits, so that I might go on to university. I graduated, but with just a degree, I could not find a career and worked part-time while I stayed at home to help around the house. During this time, I went to college to get a programming certificate (it turns out I was good with computers). Afterward, I started a career in software testing.

I moved out west and settled there. I found work shortly after. Life was good, and I thought I had a career for life, but life threw another curve – another recession and I found myself unemployed. I had to restart from scratch.

After a nearly a year unemployed, I took work as a Temp. I worked there until I got my current job.

I began to write again. I discovered that I really enjoyed it.

I had written poetry as a teen, but never considered it as a viable career option. That changed. I wrote my first self-published novel. I had come full circle – the writing.
—Robert Confiant 9 April 2016

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