No more

No more.
Will I let other dictate their ideas and beliefs onto me.
No god, no religion, no societal norm, nor conformity of self.
No more.

I will live my life as I see fit.
Whether I am accepted or not.
I will be my own judge of right and wrong.
I will attempt to ‘do unto others’, as I would like to be treated.

No more.
Living a lie.
No more.
Denying myself.

I watch as the world crumbles and falls.
Let us face the truth.
If we continue to follow this path.
We will destroy it and all life within.

So, let us unite.
Say, “No more.”
No more to this pathway.
No more to greed and hatred.

Let us strive to live as one.
Learn to respect each other’s differences.
Let us heal each other.
In doing so, heal the planet.

No more.
No inaction.
Again, I say, “No more”.
No more, living inauthenticity.

Robert Confiant 30 November 2014 (mod 24 March 2018, 12 March 2016)

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