On knowledge

Science cannot answer everything. Although, some scientists will state differently, these people will argue that we just have not discovered everything. While this might be true, and I will give them that point; I believe that there are mysteries that science will never be able to explain. It cannot explain, for example, the paranormal, or the spiritual. These topics are beyond the realm of physical measurement.

For centuries, people have been grappling for the answer to the question of: ‘Where do we come from?’ or ‘Why are we here?’

Science neither cannot, nor will not answer these questions as the questions are philosophical in nature. Where else can we look for an answer? The only other alternative is either religion or philosophy.

I have had my hand in all three of these areas of learning, namely religion, philosophy and science. Sadly, I no longer study any of these fields (but I digress).

When I was younger, I was religious. (For those who don’t know this about me, I am kind of ‘an all or nothing’ type of person. I never really confessed this, so publicly before, but for those who know me this revelation will explain a lot lol). In my late teens, and into my late twenties, I read a lot of Catholic books (The Daughters of St Paul, now Pauline, bookstore was my go to source). I read introductory theology, Christian stories and lives, spiritual thought and prayer, and of course the Bible (mainly the New Testament).

When I entered university, at about thirty years old, I studied science. Later in my studies, I took philosophy courses to meet my elective requirements.

Now that I am near my mid-fifties, I see the value of each. I see that each field of study is a search for truth, but each has its limits. I understand that it is only by studying each field that one has hope of answering all the questions. Does this realization mean I have all the answers that I am looking for? Hardly, but I have never stopped learning. I try to learn and grow as a person. I believe this to be the best of a person, to never stop strive to grow whether in knowledge, in faith and in oneself.

Above all things, one must always strive to be better oneself; I truly believe that knowledge gives one the tools to help achieve this goal.
—Robert Confiant 26 May 2016 (mod 24 March 2018)

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