On moving

I do not think there many people that have moved more than I have.

In the last ten years, or so, I have moved seven times; seven times, I have moved…

Amazing! Each time I have moved, I had to earned to let go.
Let go of places, of stuff, and other keep-stakes.

Now, items no longer mean much to me, nor I am no longer committed to holding onto much. I no longer care about my things (well, perhaps my cat – she is still with me). I have very few possessions that I really care about and even over time, I have thrown out or given away some of these ‘precious heirlooms.’

Maybe I have gone too far.

My partner is the total opposite. My partner is kind of a hoarder. When we moved in together, over two years ago now, he had so much stuff that I almost hyperventilated. I immediately began to wonder, what I had gotten myself into… Why had I not seen this issue before we moved in together? Eventually, he downsized some of his stuff, so we made it work.

I, on the other hand, could not care less. We are moving soon, one final time, to our own property. There will be no more renting.

Although it is not until near the end of the year, already; already, I am thinking about what to purge.
— Robert Confiant 2 April 2016

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