Some days

Some days, one has to wonder why one roused from the bed. It is curious. How one day could be so terrible, where everything seems to go so wrong; while other days can be so right and nothing can go awry. Today was none of these. Today was a so-so day.

I think most days are like this; average days where events and occurrences are routine and nothing extra-ordinary occurred. Each day is like the one before – day in and day out. There is no variation worth noting or merit. Memory becomes a collection of the mundane existence that is work.

If one is lucky. One discovers one’s calling. Where one can earn a career from one’s great love: “Do what you love because you will be toiling all one’s life.” We all have a hobby or craft that we really enjoy and thrive at doing.

Most of us are clogs in the giant wheel churning, producing or serving for either a commodity or service.

Perhaps I am doubly fortunate as I have both: a job which provides me with available time to write. I have a career during the day that permits me to write in the evenings and weekends. Maybe one day the writing will take a bigger role; this is my hope.

It is not all dome and gloom. There are some days where one has fun; care-free days with friends and/or family enjoy food, drink and a laugh or two.

Whatever the day, may your ‘some days’ be lively and may you find joy in all that you do.
—Robert Confiant 26 May 2016 (mod 24 March 2018)

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