The Crux Lendaw Series: Book 1 (Prologue)

Lendaw cover

The dog sat atop the hill and looked down into the vale. To an observer below, it appeared as if the dog was studying its surroundings, which of course it was as this was no ordinary dog. His name was Alistair and he was a Morphan, a change shifter, a person who could transform into other creatures. Alistair was a powerful wizard. In his usual form, Alistair stood six feet and six inches. He had long, wavy white hair and beard, which hung down, past his chest. His skin was smooth with only a few wrinkles around the eyes and around the mouth when he smiled. His eyes were a mixture of blue and green that stared with such piercing intensity they made one squirm uncomfortably. On first impression, he came across as quite serious and straightforward, which he was to a point. Alistair was likewise very personable, friendly, and jovial.

Alistair was on a planet called Terra. The people of the world called it “Earth”. Instead of magic, these people practice science. This world has changed greatly since the last time I visited. I am somewhat awed at what I see: giant machines, vehicles, buildings and cities span the planet. I guess it was foolish of me to hope things would remain the same. The last time I was here was a thousand years ago. He shook his head and chuckled to himself. Change was bound to happen, it always does. The world turns and time goes on. It is the nature of things.

Alistair was from a world called Lendaw, a planet on the cusp of war, a war that would destroy his world, as he knew it. Already the dark forces were rising. For a long time, Anko and he lay dormant until recently. Now there were signs of his return. Already Anko’s forces gathered at the fields of Kregen – trolls, giants, ogres, wizards, witches and shades, while his henchmen Donar, Keric, and Nivel were in hot pursuit and not very far behind Alistair himself. His last hope for salvation laid in locating a girl. Alistair was on Earth because of a prophecy:

“One will come who will be of, but not from Lendaw.One who will have the power that Anko cannot defeat. With the finding of the one, Anko`s domain will cease to be forever.”

On his hunt to find the person of whom the prophecy spoke, Alistair travelled to many worlds and to different eras. All with the same result, the trail always returned to the girl. In discovering the girl, Alistair believed he likewise found the fulfillment of said prophecy.

Alistair never expected to find the one in such a humble abode. He knew from experience that sometimes greatness comes from humble beginnings. He himself was proof. eon ago, he learnt that he was a wizard and that he apprenticed with the High Wizard Nairn who took him in. At first Alistair thought, Nairn made an error. After all, how could he become a wizard because he showed no outward signs of being one? He showed no signs at all.

Alistair came from a poor family in the town of Mallic on the outskirts of the Free Lands a country of nomadic and tribal people. Life in Mallic was not always easy. Most of the time he struggled to make a living. On many occasions, he had to beg off the kindness of strangers. He had no father. His mother worked and cared for the family. He was the eldest of five children, and as such, he left school as soon as possible to help with the family. Since he was the eldest and a son, he felt obligated to work and to earn a living to feed and clothe the rest of his siblings. Despite the fact that life was difficult, it was a happy existence.

When Nairn asked first his mother if he could take Alistair as his apprentice, Alistair’s mother, Kendra, was hesitant. Alistair was her eldest son, and as such, she required what little money he brought in to help sustain the family. Alistair’s sister, Hanna, ensured their mother she was able to take his place as the main breadwinner and utterly capable of helping care for the family. After much debate, Kendra relented and she allowed Alistair to leave. She released Alistair to Nairn’s care. To ease the loss of Alistair, Nairn gave Kendra one hundred Pistole. Alistair packed what few possessions he had, said good-bye to his family and left with Nairn. He was never to see his family again.

Alistair was about to do the same. History was about to repeat itself. He was about to take Jenna from the only family she knew.

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