Those dark times

Those dark times.
Thank God, they are gone.
I could not see the light.
The blinders, of pain, prevented me.

All I saw was the loathing and the pain.
I couldn’t see any way out.
The pit, I felt, I was in was just too deep.

The past, present, and future showed no hope.
There I would fret every day.
The negativity hounded me.

I could not see:
A way to be free, I could not believe.
In my self-worth and my capabilities.

To believe I was strong enough.

Baby steps at first.
One foot in front of the other.
Pushing myself forward.

When all I felt like was to curl up and die.
And stagnation was the name of the game.
I wish I would die.

Slowly, ever so gently.
I pushed myself forward.
I pushed myself through.

My confidence began to grow.
Slowly, too slowly at times, things got better.
Until it was easier to face each day.

To love oneself is a great reward.
Seeing that it is okay just to be.
To know you are no different from anyone else.

Deserving of love.
To be able to move forward.
To just be.

Those days are gone.
I live for today.
I remember the past and think about the future.

They no longer hold me down.
Robert Confiant 23 February 2015 (mod 24 March 2018, 12 March 2016)

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