Two now one

We are different and the same.
You are the clown and I am the serious one.

In-fact, I bet you were the class clown in school.
While I, I was the scholarly child.
Not that you were not.

Many see the clown within you.

While I confess, I see that too.
I see that and much, much more.

I see the true friend.
I see the romantic.

I see the hurt while others do not.

You see we are the same.
As I believe, most people are.

We deal with life in different ways.
You with humour and I with sheer determination.

We are two individuals on a search we know not what.
However, along the way, we found something we did not expect.
Each other.

Although early, I know we could be great!
If you as sincere as my impression suggests, then I believe we will be great together.
For you sought that which I sought.

Though we are both older, neither was bitter.
We shared the same hope, the same dream.
Finding any to share this journey called ‘life’
For I was tired of travelling alone, and I believe it is the same for you.

So let us take two and make it one.
Let us travel this road and see where it goes.

However, know this first, that I will be true.
I will never leave you nor intentionally hurt you.
Moreover, should this not work out, you will always have a friend in me.

I am hoping with all my heart that it will.

Robert Confiant 22 October 2011 (mod 12 March 2016)

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