Untitled 3

You may not have found your soul mate.
Cause your love was too great.
Your endless love was meant for all.

And that my friend was your call.
You won.
The hearts of all around you.
Just by being there.

And showing that you care.
You are loved.
By those who knew you.
A true friend.

Until the very end.
Rest now.
Your journey’s over.
You fought: ‘the good fight’.

And for one so young, that is not right.
You made us laugh.
Sometimes we cried.
You were the clown.

But you never let us down.
Take a bow.
And absorb the applause.
You gained the prize.

For you were wise.
Know only you are loved.
Here and ever more.
Every once, in a while, look down upon us and give us a thought,

Send us a smile.
Robert Confiant 9 October 2014 (mod 24 March 2018, 12 March 2016)

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