An honest self critic of my writings to date

In the last four years, I made an real effort to write. I started to take more an effort to write. I self-published a book. The only regret was my feeling rushed to publish it. Other than that, I am glad I did it. I wrote my first book.

I wrote a lot of poetry, when I was very much younger. I suffered from depression and it spilled out in my poetry writing. Most of my writing was dark, some of it was crap, while still other bits of my work were good.

After I pulled out of my depression, I ceased writing. I turned my attention to returning to school and then getting my degree. I was so-so. I graduated, but I could not get meaningful work, so I took a computer programming course at community college. I graduated with good marks and I landed a decent career as a software tester. Before the bubble burst, I did this work for ten years. I regrouped, and I finally land work with the government (my current position).

Three four ago, I took up writing again. It started with writing poetry, then short-stories. Eventually, I loved to write. I took the goal to write a book, a young adult fantasy novel. It started with the idea of a young, strong female protagonist. Next, came the antagonist. After that the story outline.

I got off to a good start and then I stopped for half a year. I still an not sure why exactly. Perhaps I got a bit intimidated. The project seemed too big. I persevered, and I completed the first draft. I edited it numerous times, but then I felt pressured to get it published (I had chosen a self-publishing company) and they were pestering me to publish. I did.

Afterward, I continued to write. I continued to write poetry and verse. In March, on my birthday, I started a blog (this blog). I spend quite of time on social media, but I try to contribute frequently to this blog.

I have started to write my second novel whose Prologue I posted on social media. I believe it shows improvement from the first book. Sure, it is not perfect, it is my first draft after all, but it still shows improvement.

My first book, I ‘told’ and not ‘showed’; my current book ‘shows’ and tries not to tell. This is still an issue for me. My goal is to keep attempting to improve as a writer, and to keep writing. Another weakness in my work is writing in first person. I have done so, with short stories, but I have not done so with any work longer than a short-story (maybe one day).

In the meantime, I write. I write because I must, I write because I hunger for it, I write because I am driven, and I write because I love it.
—Robert Confiant 4 November 2016

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