Basic Instincts: Fight or Flight

Basic instincts, we all have them. When it comes to survival there are two innate reactions when confronted with conflict or fear: Fight, or flight.

I am a “flight response” person. I do not like to admit it, but there it is out in the open.
But, why do I, or as I believe some other, dislike admitting this truth? Are we ashamed we might be perceived, by some people, as cowards? I think so.

As a kid, I wasn’t much of a fighter. Of the few that I did had, I lost. It turned out that I didn’t need to be a fighter. I found out, later, that my younger brother put the word out that I was never to be bugged, or harassed. Although he was younger, he was looking after me.

I was different. As a kid with a physical disability, I stood out. Something, others will tell you, you don’t want to do as a teenager. Being different could make one’s life difficult for a middle school, or high school, student. I, sadly, stood by while I watched other kids be teased. I wish it were different now, but at the time I thought the negative comments would be directed at me, so I kept quiet (a lot of other kids did too), but I felt sorry for those who were victims – I just wasn’t brave enough to step in. I understand that if I had stepped in (or anyone else), then it was likely others would have joined in to stop the harassment and teasing.

When frightened, or when confronted, my basic instinct is flight. My initial reaction is to flee, but then my stubbornest trait assumes control. Believe me, if what confronts me is perceived to be life threatening, then I will run; however, if it is something which I know I can overcome, then I become stubborn, and I will fight. This isn’t always easy, but I believe that if there is the will, then there will be a way to conquer that which prevents me from getting what I want. Fear can be faced, and it can be defeated.

How do you react when confronted?
—Robert Confiant 15 October, 2016

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