Breaking bones

Today I got word that a good, dear friend fell and broke his elbow, and now he requires surgery to put screws in to reset it. Many weeks ago, someone else I know, broke her leg after a fall and she required surgery to repair the damage.

I feel sorry for them. I can relate. I have had many surgeries over the years to correct tendons, muscles and bones. On my last procedure, the orthopedic surgeon purposely broke the bone above the ankle and repositioned my foot, in the hope of correcting my foot that once curved in leftwards and to aid in prevention of it dragging on the ground (the prime source of my falling back then).

Getting old sucks, there is no doubt about it. When one is older, the likelihood of falling increases. Over the years, I have fallen without significant injury to myself – I only got a few cuts, and scrapes. I like to kid others that I have fallen so many times that I have learnt to fall without causing serious harm to myself, but it is just pure luck.

Here, I sit. I am waiting on word from my friend in the hospital. I will go visit when he comes out of surgery. I can only keep him in my thoughts and my prayers, and hope that the surgery goes well.
—Robert Confiant 14 April 2017

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