Carefree times

When I was young, boy those were the days! Other than school and chores, they were carefree times. Kids could be kids, and we went outside to play (sometimes even all day long).

It was a different era then. We never heard of no wack jobs that were out to hurt us, nor to kill us. That all changed in Canada with children serial killers: Clifford Olson, in British Columbia, and Paul Bernardo, in Ontario, during the 1980’s.

In the 1980’s parents had to shelter their children. Kids were taught street safety. I do not know exactly what occurred on the west coast; however, a teacher of mine, who grew up in Vancouver during the nineteen-eighties, told me that children were escorted at play time and children would never be out after dark. In Ontario, it was much the same: parents took to walking, or driving, their kids to school, the children played near their homes, curfews were established, and there were almost no kids out near dark.

I do not recall ever being taught this as a lad. As a kid, in the winter (after dark), I would play with my friends in the mounds of snow piled up. We would play for two, or three, hours before our parents called us in for the night. This was routine, for a school night, and our parents never gave this a second thought.

It’s a shame because today kids need to grow up too fast. They do not know the joy of being carefree.

I am not saying that these times were perfect: Some families had secrets. some more than others; however, we kids were still allowed to be kids. It is just a shame that the same cannot be said of kids today.
—Robert Confiant 1 February 2017


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