If we are the sum of our choices, then I am a product of my choices. I never really gave this much thought before, but as I have aged. I have seen the truth of this axiom. Whether good or bad, my life is the result of the choices I have picked. Please don’t get me wrong, although not all my choices have been the correct ones, I am happy with my life, but my choices have not always been the best.

When it comes to making decisions, I tend to go with my feelings instead of thinking things through. It has made for an interesting life. I consider myself a rational person; however, when it comes to making decisions, I am not a logical guy. I tend to go with what I feel. I shouldn’t. I tend to repeat a history of bad decisions. Nothing too terrible mind, but poor choices nonetheless. I don’t want to go into details as they are extremely private, but suffice to say, “I made some poor judgements.”

I think I do so because they are made in the heat of the moment. Decisions such as: quitting school (twice), a job (on numerous occasions), etcetera. As I said, nothing I couldn’t overcome eventually, but the choices I picked made life a more trying adventure that it need have been.

Have I really learned to make better choices and not ‘fly off the cuff’ sort of thing? Somewhat. I still kind of go by what I am feeling, but I don’t react so impulsively and I try to think of the alternatives more.
─Robert Confiant 25 June 2016

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