Confessions of a hopeless romantic

I am a sucker for romantic movies: love stories, romantic comedies, and Christmas love themed stories. I have been junking out on them since the start of December.

I am a fan of Meg Ryan and Julia Roberts; Tom Hanks and Hugh Grant.

I can watch and re-watch these movies numerous times; something only science fiction and fantasy genre was once capable of doing.

Pathetic, I know. What can I say, “I am a hopeless romantic,” I guess?

I guess, I am like this in real life too.

I love my partner. I don’t always say it or show it. I tend to do so at the most unexpected times.

Christmas, I skip. I don’t do the gift thing: I don’t like to give in the seasonal pressures – too many unrealistic expectations. I skip Valentine’s Day too – it’s another contrived commercial event.

I believe one should show it when the mood strikes, or to surprise the person. We both do so throughout the year. It seems more real and not so phoney.

People say, “Christmas should be all year.” Except for the fallacy of gift giving, I concur. If Christmas means being kind, and loving to each other, then I am all for it. I wish the world was better. If we were just nicer to each other, and we cared about the world we share, then it could be (a better place).

I wish people would realize that we are all (everyone) of this one world. We are all, each of us, the same race – humanity. The world would then be a beautiful place.

See, a hopeless romantic.
—Robert Confiant 24 December 2016




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