Friends. We don’t always give them the considerations due to them. It is not that we do so intentionally, but life gets in the way.

Although, I may not see them as much as I would like. I cherish everyone of them. They are a blessing to me for which I am truly grateful.

My friends have seen me at my best and at my worst. You know you have great friends when they stick around through the tough times.

This weekend, I got to see friends that I have not seen for a while. On both occasions, it was as if we carried on with where we left off. We understand that life happens, but I hope they know, or they should know, that I would be there in an instant if they needed my support. They need only to message me.

I love my friends. I do not always tell them; however, I hope they know this. As the 7th Doctor stated, “My friends have always been the best of me…” I am so glad that one of my favorite shows stated this for the sentiment expresses what I feel about my friends.

I love these people, so much.

Cheers to friendship.

—Robert Confiant 1 August 2016



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