Getting old and reminiscing

A friend from the project posted that Fleetwood Mac’s Rumor album turns forty (4-0). WTF! Where did the time go? I, must of, played that tape until I wore it out.

A tape, you ask? Yeah, you know a cassette tape; LOL. Yup, another thing that shows my age.

God, where did the time go? But, boy those were great times — the project years. Yes, I was a seventies kid (a teenager in the mid nineteen-seventies). 

It was a great group of friends. Not only did we all chum around together all the time, but we went to the same schools, mall, corner stores, restaurants, movie theater, bowling alley, and when we were older, the same pool hall.

The projects were different in the seventies. Everyone knew everyone (at least in the court), and they watched out for each other. Everyone’s kids played with everyone else’s kids. Any parent could basically discipline anyone else’s kid, and if the kid who was disciplined, complained to his or her own parent, then chances are he or she got another whipping from said parent.

It was a simpler time. We, kids, knew what was expected of us with school and chores leading the pack. It was not always work though; we got play time too.

We were all, working class folk. We said it like we saw it, and we call bullshit when someone tried to pull our leg.

Those were great times. It is too bad one cannot turn back the clock, but everything changes. That’s the meaning of life.

—Robert Confiant 2 February 2017

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