Hell of a day

It was insanely busy today. I have ever experienced.

The work would not stop coming: by the front desk, via email and fax, and finally by mail.

AND the phone, the phone was the worst. It just wouldn’t stop ringing: ring… one query, ring… another query, and ring… wrong department. Ring, ring, ring with some valid, but some not so valid queries.

To top it off, I got some bad news about a dear friend in the hospital. Shortly there afterward, a decease friend’s mother called about… Well, I still do not comprehend what the call was about; I will have to call her later for clarification.

The juggles of life, some days, so topsy-turvy.

I realized that there was nothing to do. I dealt with the demands of the day, as best I could.
—Robert Confiant 13 October 2013 (mod 24 March 2018)

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