I am not sure why

I have been reading: The Host by Stephanie Meyer, and not just once; and not just reading. I have seen the movie twice, and I have ordered it on-line.

I cannot tell you exactly why I am so drawn to the story. Perhaps, it is as simple as that, that I am drawn to it. I am a hopeless romantic. I love a story about love and I like science fiction, so perhaps, I just like the combination of the two genres.

In either event, I am hooked. I love the premise and I love the story. I am lucky. I bought the extended e-book with the book study and extra chapter. The extra chapter adds an added dimension.

They are so different: the book and the movie, as these things often are different. Unfortunately, I saw the movie first. But surprisingly, I was not upset that the book was better and that I did not read it first before I saw the movie. The movie stands by itself.

This isn’t a promotion for The Host. No. This is a blog about how it makes me feel: It makes me feel alive. I never read Stephanie Meyer’s other books, nor do I have any interest in seeing the movies. I can only assume that it is the premise of The Host that makes me to enjoy it so much.

Don’t get me wrong, the book is well written, and the added chapter rounds things out. But I still cannot phantom why I like it. I guess we like what we like, and it is as simple as that. For me, I find a message deep inside, a message I need to hear. Who can tell? If one enjoys a book, does it really matter why?

The end of the world and two lovers caught up in that; what can be any better? It really pulls at my heart strings; it is the Twilight Zone meets romance. One cannot help, but to be moved by it (Unless you’re not a sentimentalist like myself).

One day, I believe this book will influence one of my future stories. I feel one brewing every now and again. One day.
―Robert Confiant 26 February 2017 (mod 25 March 2018)



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