I am truly blessed, and I sometimes take it for granted

I have a good life. I am truly blessed, and I sometimes take it for granted.

As a kid, I was a pious person. This grew, and I attended church almost everyday. I almost became “Father Bob.” I was seriously considered entering the priesthood. The news changed all that, but I do not wish to discuss this here; it’s a different subject.

I have been in a good mood these past few weeks. It took me a while to figure out why; namely, I realized that I am truly blessed. I have a loving partner, we are acquiring a new condo together, I have a great family, and terrific friends who watch my back and offer support. What else can a person ask for?

So, I must ask myself, why do I tend to take things for granted? I guess we all do. If the weather is terrific for many days, do we consider it after a while, or do we take tend to take it for granted? I would argue that we tend to do so.

We take it that we will wake up and continue the day as if it were a given. A serious illness, or injury, will often shake this belief.

There was a time when I thought I had a career for life. Experience has shown that this is a false for many people, and true only for a lucky few; although, change can be a good thing. When I was in Information Technology (IT) I thought, “I had a career for life.” This do not workout that way. On the contrary, I lost my job at forty, and I could not get work.

Don’t worry dear reader, I am doing a different career, but I am content with what I currently do for a living.

Life is precious. We only live once. We should strive to make the best of it and be grateful when things are going well because things can change unexpectedly.
—Robert Confiant 4 March 2017

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