I don’t know what to do

I get every other Friday off. It used to be Mondays, but I needed to switch. At the time, it really wasn’t my choice. Tomorrow was supposed to be my day off. We are short handed, we’ve been for almost a year, so I covered for tomorrow because I was asked. I have always proven that I am a team player after all.

I learned today that my friend took “a turn for the worst.” No one knows her outcome.

An old BFF’s (deceased) mother, called me out of the blue. I really do not know why. The telephone call did not make sense. I hung up afterward felling very confused. I continued to work. Unsure what to do. So, I worried; it sat there at the back of my mine.

By day’s end, I could not think. I went to bed and slept on it.

Life doesn’t get any more real than this.
—Robert Confiant 13 October 2016

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