I stopped posting my works (online)

I stopped posting my works: poetry, short-stories, verse, etc. online.

I did so for a few reasons: First, I started writing poetry as a teen-ager until my mid-twenties, but then I stopped. Unfortunately, everything was lost, which is fortunate in a way as most of it was dark; since, I wrote most of it when I went through depression. I returned to writing poetry about ten years ago. I then went on to short-stories, and then wrote my first novel: The Crux: Lendaw Series Book 1. I felt pressured to publish it before I fully edited. It’s a decent story, but it could use a full revision. I kind of regret publishing it, so soon. I continue to write poetry, short-stories, my sequel to my Lendaw book, and this blog. Some of the stuff I write is crap, while other stuff may lead to gems. Throughout this, I have realized that my writing has improved, and is improving. Second, publishers want “First Rights.” They do not wish to publish anything that has been previously published, or out there in cyberspace. As I am a writer who one day wishes to get published and to find an agent, I have decided not to publish my works, so I created my blog: “Thoughts on Paper.” It has had different names, at various times, and it has evolved from placing my works on it (see earliest posts) to writing these thoughts on life with real life examples.

So, you understand my reader, why you won’t find any of my work published here. I hope you enjoy the thoughts in my brain, now written on forum.

I write what I know, I write what I think, I write my beliefs, and I write about life. I hope you find joy in reading them, I hope you find something real, and I hope you find something relevant. I never worry about these hopes because I write what I want; when I want. I cannot worry if its to your liking, or not; although, it is my hope that you do. I can only write for me. It’s what I think most writer’s do. If we didn’t, then I believe that we could not write at all: We would be too paralyzed with fear to face others’ judgements.

I haven’t come right out to state it, so I will state it now, “Thanks for reading my blog. I enjoy thinking of new topics to write. I try to make every topic relevant and to make every topic real. Once again, thank-you and I appreciate every hit I get on this blog. Feel free to comment on any posting. My blog is setup for comments.

Robert Confiant
16 April 2017

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