I’m done

I’m done… moping over the Osteoarthritis (OA) issue.

I was right taking off and putting on the brace will be an issue (not much flexibility in my right leg is making removing and placing the brace on more difficult). It looks like I will have to do more squats and other knee bending exercises. Ever since I was first told I had OA, I have been bummed out (to say the least). Mainly, it’s because this news was the proverbial “straw on the camel’s back.” My having Cerebral Palsy was one thing, getting older with it was another, and now this; I began to feel sorry for myself and a little blue. I was like this once before when I was in my late teens and went into depression.

Curious thing ‘depression,’ it creeps up on you. It is somewhat devious that way. It can take a while before one realizes that one is in a depressed state. My having experience depression before, and getting a little blue once in awhile, it may take me a while, but once I realize my state, I have learnt to deal with it using my bag of tricks: Talking with others, getting out and about, keeping busy, determination, and belief in myself. After a few days, I snap out of it.

So, this is what I plan to do: Be positive, deal with it with determination and believe things will be okay. This will be the last I write about my OA. I cannot risk dwelling on it.

Life goes on, and one must continue onward the best one can. Keep up the faith; peace and love.
—Robert Confiant 16 April 2017




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