Just a thought on the loss of a friend

I learnt today that a friend of mine passed away after a long battle with Cancer. God, I hate that word. I got the news this may happen yesterday at work after her husband called. The poor guy had to hang up and call me back; he couldn’t bring himself to tell me the news.

My friend was a co-worker of mine. She and I hit it off easily. She was once in IT (information technology) like myself. When her mother got sicker, she shared some of the struggles of being the only family and trying to cope with an ailing mother. She wasn’t religious in the common sense, but she believed in God and would attend services with her mother, for her mother’s sake. I could relate, as I was once a strong Catholic, and although I no longer attend church, I still believed in God.

We had great conversations, but we also enjoyed eating sushi at the local Japanese restaurant. I can’t eat shell fish due to a strong intolerance to it, but that did not stop me from eating some sushi.

When her cancer returned for a second time, and she eventually had to stop working. As a result, I did not see her as much as I like. Unfortunately, these last six months, did not improve much. In-fact, I saw her even less.

I am still not sure how I feel. I don’t think it has really sunk in. We were close, but not as much as we once were, which is sad now that I think about it. I feel sorry for her husband and their kids. It will not be an easy time for them.

This is just a thought on learning of the loss of a friend.
—Robert Confiant 16 February 2017 (mod 25 March 2018)

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