Life is odd

On Thursday morning, I lost a friend.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t the only friend I have lost over the years, but she once told me that I was the brother she never had; she was an only child.

I was close to her once, but as she got sicker, I saw and talked to her less than I should have, now that I reflect to the past events. I feel terrible about how things occurred; however, I cannot turn back the clock and redo.

I am sad at her loss, but I am reminded that life continues. Life is odd that way.

I met up with close friends I haven’t seen for quite some time the following Friday evening. It was nice to see them again. I had a good time. I was reminded that I have great friends. I felt truly blessed.

So, here I am sad at the loss of a friend one moment, then happy to be with other friends the next. Life is bizarre that way.

Another thought about the loss of my friend.
—Robert Confiant 19 February 2017 (mod 25 March 2018)




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