Moods (or am I just moody)

Today I awoke to see the sun shining through my living-room window, and I immediately radiated with joy.

It is bizarre how the lack, or presence of the sun affects my mood.

This year has been particularly difficult for me; the snow, the lengthy rainy winter months have put me in a sour mood.

I am relieved to see the sun. It fills my soul with gladness.

I never knew how much I was affected by the lack of sunlight until I moved to British Columbia. Vancouver gets a lot of cloudy, rainy days during the winter months (and sometimes longer). As such, this reality has become more prominent over the years.

With the affect the weather here on the west coast has on my mood, you may ask me, “Then why did I move here?”

For numerous reasons: I fell in love with the woods, the water and the mountains; I liked the fact that there was a ‘city’ within this scenic view; I wished to start over; I wished to live an authentic life, to have a place where I could be true to myself; and I liked the milder temperatures and winters of very little, or no, snow. So, living in Vancouver was about trade-offs.

For the most part, I love living here. I have a decent job, which allows me ample time to write, I have great friends (although I miss the ones who are no longer present in this world), and I enjoy the city.

Life is good. I have no real complaints. So, what if I get sad occasionally, the blues would happen no matter where I planted myself, so it really doesn’t matter where I live. Each place would have its pluses and its minuses, so living in Vancouver comes down to trade-offs and there are more pluses than minuses.
—Robert Confiant 2 April 2017

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