No one is perfect

Anyone who knows me, at least for the ten years, or so, will tell you my favorite proverb is, “No one is perfect.”

It is my axiom. I live and breathe it. Although, it was not a hard lesson to learn and it took a long time before I realized the reality of it.

To be perfect, one cannot be human for all humans are imperfect and to be human implies infallibility.

When I was younger, I strove to be something I could never truly be; namely, a perfectionist. It caused me much grief. Although perfectionism seemed to be an ideal goal, I discovered that it was ultimately unattainable to me.

If my flaws, errors, and/or omissions were pointed out, or commented upon, then I would state their errors and omissions such was my defense, and such was my retaliation. Sometimes my response was justified and at other times it was not. I could be a bitch when I want to be.

Those who know me, know that I call it as I see it. I am in the middle years of my life, so this statement is truer than ever.
—Robert Confiant 27 July 2016




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