On being human

We all have secrets we would like to keep because we are sorry for past errors, or because we are ashamed of our actions, or because we are ashamed, or because they are our private little gems, or because we promised secrecy. I hope to take mine to the grave.

I have an axiom that I live by: “No one is perfect.” I have called others on this, when they believe themselves to be above making mistakes. We are all human beings and as such, we all make mistakes. It is the nature of being human. No more is this true than at work where precision and accuracy is paramount; I rely on my co-workers to catch and/or correct my errors and they (respectfully) request that I do likewise. In so doing, we produce what I believe accurate information and decision making. We make a great team.

Life is full of trial and error. In-fact, I believe we can learn more from our errors and mistakes, than by getting things right the first time. We learn: humility which teaches us not to be pompous asses, we learn new ways of approaching problems and difficult issues, we learn to count on others for support and input, we learn that we are all the same in that no one is perfect, and that it is better if we all work together. These are great lessons to learn.
—Robert Confiant 27 August, 2016






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