On character development

At the beginning of the week, I decided to re-do my second novel. Firstly, I did so because I felt it was too similar to the first book, and secondly, because of this I was have trouble working the story.

Luckily, I came across an interview by J. Michael Straczynski on the process of writing in which he mentions the development of characters and if a character is developed sufficiently, then one can place the character and/or characters in any given situation to tell the story. This got me going again.

The tricky part is to make the next story different from the first, but I have new ideas to tackle this issue.

I sometimes say that I have writer’s block, but with me, I continue to write; however, I write other stuff and not on what I should be writing, in this case, my second novel. Instead I find myself writing short-stories, poetry and other types of verse, ideas for stories or books, or both, and wring for this blog.

I love to write. I did when I was younger and now that I am older. I just wished I never stopped, but then my life would have been much different in that I would have taken a different path than the one I lived and I would have been a different person; someone I think who would not have struggled so much and someone who is naiver that I am now. “Hindsight is twenty-twenty vision,” as they say.

On Writing, notes of Robert Confiant, 21 August 2016


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