On patience (or lack thereof)

As I get older, I find myself losing patience more; however, now that I think about it further, I lose it quicker on the stuff I hate doing, and find I have greater patience with doing the things I enjoy doing. I offer two examples:

First, I lose my patience with terrible drivers. I do not even drive, and I have the worst road rage than anyone I know. I believed that I know the rules of the road better than most drivers (I still believe this); however, I never got a driver’s licence, and this is more the reason why I am a ‘road rage-r.’ I never learnt how to drive because of my CP. For me to acquire a licence I had to take a special course, which was quite expensive, and my father would not help me with the expenses and I had only a part-time job. I needed to save up for the lessons, which I believe the cost to be insurmountable (It wasn’t really, but I was not willing to make sacrifices for the lessons).

Second, my teaching computers. I have great patience in teaching other people computing. Although, as my brother can attest to, this was not always the case. To be fair he was my first attempt at teaching computing and I had not yet learnt the golden rule; namely, never sit in front of a computer and show the person how to do anything on a computer. The secret is having the student sit in front of the computer and to walk them through the steps (verbally) of what they are attempting to do, and let them do it at their own pace, and repeat as necessary.

Thus, is my experience and thoughts on patience (or lack thereof).
—Robert Confiant 28 July 2016



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