On role models

Who do you look up to, who do you admire, or who do you strive to emulate? These are pretty much similar questions. Whichever format the question is formulated, if I had to answer it. The first person I would mention is my father.

I mention him because I am male, and my father is the first role model of what a male should be, what a male is. If one thinks about what this implies, then it is a terrible onus to place on any one person.

The next person I admire is my mother. Perhaps all mothers appear saintly, I believe my mother really was saintly. Don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t perfect by any means, but then again, we are all human, so no one is; however, my mother was the quaint essential version of a saint. She was a strict Catholic and attended church and followed its teaching as best one could. She raised seven children with a strict, firm, but caring hand.
—Robert Confiant 10 September 2016 (24 March 2018)

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