On the choices we make

There was a time, probably many times actually, where I did not wish to go on.

I don’t mean suicide, although I have been in that situation. I mean, things – life – gets hard.

Sometimes, I wonder if what I am doing makes sense. Is what I am doing worth the effort? Life is like that checks and balances, or pros and cons. Each decision one makes, is a personal choice: I may turn left while another person opts for right. No two people are the same. Our feelings are though.

People like to think we are all different from one another when in reality we are not; we are just that – people. We are all one race. Sure, I may be one nationality while someone else is another, but we are all human. As such, we all have our faults, doubts, fears, weaknesses, but we also have the capacity to learn, our own determination, our own brave moments, and our own strengths.

Life is not easy, no one ever said it was. Some unfortunately, have rotten, terrible, and tragic lives; others start off badly, but then their lot improves; still others enjoy the luxuries of life – they may always have it so, or they may lose everything; and still others thrive on the eddies and currents that life have to offer.

I was born with a physical disability (I know: it’s not pc). When I was younger I never knew of any limiting abilities, but as I got older I realized that I would never be an athlete, a fireman, or an ambulance driver like my brother. The reality of my lot set in. It took quite a few years to find my niche in life and there were a lot of stumbles along the way, but I kept trying. Somethings were worth the fight, while other things were not and I dropped out.

Is my life perfect? That is the big question. Still yet, am I happy?

Both questions depend on what one considers important: Do I consider money and things to be important, or do I consider having the necessities of life with a work/life balance, and a close-knit family and/or friends important? It is a choice everyone has to consider (at least in my little part of the world). I chose the latter, and in that regard, I must say, “My life is good.”

—Robert Confiant 30 October 2016

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