On turn of the seasons

In the northern hemisphere, we have hit the fall equinox. Tonight, is its eve and already the leaves have started to change from green into yellow, orange and reds. I like all seasons as each has its own traits and attributes: Spring symbolizes new life and new beginning. Summer is steadfast and true and represents the prime of life. Fall represents growing old and old age. Winter is the end and it is equated with death. Songs, poems and other verses praise each of their virtues; and the word, ‘virtues’ is the precise term, as each has its own flavour.

When I was younger, I had no favourite season. I loved them all because they are each uniquely different. More so because when I was younger, my generation of children were rarely indoors. We learnt to appreciate all the seasons for what they are (but mostly, we took them for granted, or never really paid attention).

As I hit the Fall (of my life), I have my favourites. I dislike winter; not so much for what it implies symbolically, but because I dislike snow. As I age, I my dislike of snow and ice has only intensified. My disability, and aging, makes it difficult for me to trod through these winter months.

The changes of seasons help me appreciate each season for its own merit. If everyday, or every season, was the same, then life would be very boring indeed, “Variety really is the spice of life.”

Although the analogy still holds, life is not the seasons. It is so much more; life is a series of events: Births, aging, and dying, of people who enter, then pass throughout one’s life. These events are never linear, they occur randomly. On any given day, at any given time, they high-lite what is important in one’s life.

Life is only cyclic. It is interlaced with the individual lives of others within one’s sphere of being; while I experience my life’s journey, I witness the journey of others who enter and exit my life throughout the years.

It is not always easy; it is sometimes sad, sometime joyful, but it is the reality one faces when one is mortal.

The seasons are a reality that we must all face. As humans, it is the reality we need to embrace.

Enjoy that, which each season has to offer.
—Robert Confiant 22 September 2016 (mod 24 March 2018)



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