On writing (2)

Here I sit trying to determine my next topic. What to write? It is always a big question: Sometimes there is no delay and the writing flows, while, other times, I struggle to think of an idea interesting enough or worthy of putting in print. Writing is funny that way. It either flows easily or one wraps one brain to struggle to originate on an idea worth putting on paper. For my hundredth post, as a writer, I thought it appropriate to write about writing.

One method that I use is to write all ideas down either on a notepad or e-notepad (or similar software). As a lot of my good ideas occur as I am dozing off in bed, I find it helps remember the thought. I have gotten up many a time to note the idea down. Another place that I find ideas come to me is when I am on the Skytrain (transit) and I use an app on my phone or tablet to jot them down. Some of these ideas are pure trash and they lead nowhere, while others are little gems that may, or may not, bloom to floriation.

Although it is something that I recently got back into, a writer needs to read. As a tool, reading, gives the writer style and grammar formats. It also stimulates the thought processes. Thus, the importance of reading cannot be over stated.

Another important venue, at least for me, is placing. I get my ideas by interactions, with places and people: city streets, country sides, in parks, coffee shops, and the like. I find the ordinary daily interactions may lead to interesting ideas, which may, or again – may not, turn to fruition.

Dreams the stuff of ideas. This is the riches venue. The nurture and stirring of my thoughts provides me with the riches wells of ideas. Sometimes I write them down and other times I do not. I find though that if I do not, then I usually lose the idea, so now I tend to record at least of the idea as to prompt my memory.

Each person is different and the writing process for each writer is unique for each. The only advice I can give inspiring writers is to just write even if your work appears to be junk one must continue to write: there is a reason they are called first drafts. The art of writing is only improved with practice, so write, write, write.
—Robert Confiant 31 July 2016

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