I just had a thought: “When you try something and fail, consider it a computer malfunction; you just need to reboot, and start again.”

This is a great lesson from our modern world, which we can all learn from.

I have a lot of things I wish to attempt this year, and this is sound advice that I will use for when I slip and fall.
As a guy with Cerebral Palsy, I fall occasionally. When I do so publicly, I get lots of people offering to help me up. To be honest I find this embarrassing (I shouldn’t, after all this time, but I still do). For those that know me, they will know that I often refuse peoples’ offers of assistance, as I am as stubborn as a mule and it becomes a pride issue (I know I should be humbler and I should let people assist me, and I have on rare occasions – usually when there is nothing to grab onto to help me get up). Sorry, where was I? I kind of got side tracked there (but I am keeping it in because it so true and I am keeping things real). Usually when I fall, I just pick myself up, dust myself off, and keep going. I should do this when I fail at something.

Some of you might not know me as much, so I am going to let you know that one of my biggest philosophical tenets that I hold is: “No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes.”

If I should fail and I probably will, and I will mostly fail more than once, then I will just not worry about it (much), and either start again, or move onward.
—Robert Confiant 2 January 2017 (mod 25 March 2018)



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