Reflections of the books read

A few days ago, I decided to re-activate my Good Reads account. Part of this process required that I re-build my reading list. I did this once before (deleted and re-built my account), but it did not have the same affect on me.

As I re-built my reading list, I realized that the stages in my life reflected in what I read.

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As a child, I read typical children’s books. As I aged, a lot of books were books I either read at the school library, or for school assignments.

As I hit my twenties, I read a lot of religious, science fiction, or fantasy genre books.

When I returned to school to get my grade thirteen, I read books of school, and more SF/F (Sci-Fi/Fantasy) books.

At the start of university, I read a lot of science books, literature and best-selling books. When not at university, I worked in a bookstore where I read a lot.

In 2000, I moved to Vancouver and eventually, I came out as gay. My reading reflected this time of my life with stories by gay authors, and about gay characters. I read a lot of Anne Rice books during this time.

After the “Anne Rice” phase, I continued reading literature, best-selling novels, and SF/F.

Other writers will tell you that be a good writer, one must read. If you examine my Good Reads list, then you will see a gap in my reading (I let it go to complete my first novel).

It is only recently, that I have returned to reading. I find it challenging to squeeze reading in between my writings, but I will continue to do so.

I am glad I took the time to re-build my Good Reads account. It strained my mind to remember, first what I read and then to reflect what I thought about what I read on a “Five Star” rating. The process has been illuminating. I can clearly see the stages of my life in what I have read. It was an enjoyable and an interesting process.

— Robert Confiant 4 February 2017

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