Revision, revision, revision

One of the tedious job as a writer is revising one’s work. It is a task I dislike. Perhaps I dislike it because it is time consuming, nick picking, and sorry work, which requires honesty, diligence, and exactness. In my case, it also requires patience. For those who know me, I either have it, or I do not.

I have loads of patience, if the task is something I find enjoyable or I am very knowledgeable about. I loss my patience, if the task is mundane, repetitive, or if it is frustrating.

Editing my work is a task I am just starting to do on a continuous basis, and as such, I am still learning to master. I guess the same could be said of my writing. Both skills, editing and writing, are likely to be life long learning process.

So, if one doesn’t enjoy editing, what is one to do? Give up writing? I have done that. I am lucky I rediscovered it. I love writing. Am I perfect, a good author, or published. I am a crafter. Some work is good, while a lot is so-so, and other works are craft. Still, I keep on writing. I write because I love it. I write in the hopes of becoming a great writer… someday, perhaps.

Until then, I will keep writing and I will keep editing for the love of writing.
—Robert Confiant 28 September 2016

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