Snowy weather

The snow has been falling for three days. The long-term forecast is calling for more.

One of the reasons I left Ontario for British Columbia was to get away from the white stuff. When I first arrived in Vancouver, one of the things I struck me about Vancouver was its milder winters.

As a man with a mild disability; which affected my legs, I appreciated this lack of snow most winters. As I aged, I realized that I found walking in the winter time.

Sure, Vancouver gets snow, but it is usually in the mountains, up North, or in the valley, and in every ten years, we seem to get a blast of snow storms (although lately, this time duration between big snow storms has lessened).

If I had to deal with snow on a regular basis, then I guess I would. I have done so for the first half of my life and I know I could handle the challenges that come with snow. I might not enjoy it as I once did as a youngster, but I would deal with it.

I have always strived to over come obstacles that have been presented to me. If I had to deal with snowy winter, then so be it. Life is full of challenges, and it is rarely easy.
—Robert Confiant 6 February 2017 (mod 25 March 2018)

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