Summer Equinox

Well, it is that time of year, when one notices, that the days are getting shorter, when the morning when the alarm goes off, the same one first notices that the sun is only now starting to rise, and in the evening, one discovers oneself turning the light on earlier. It is the latter half of the month of August and one has just, now, observed that the day is shorter.

I myself noticed the occurrence of shortness of day at the start of August when it dawned on me that the time at which I had to turned on my lamp was 8:45 pm. It was a sad realization. To know that I required the lamp light at such an early time, and I thought, “Summer is ending.” I sighed at the thought.

Generally, one can notice the days getting longer about a month, or two, after the Winter Equinox, and the days getting shorter about a month, or two, after the Summer Equinox at least where I live in the Northern Hemisphere. In the Southern Hemisphere, this would, of course, be the reverse scenario.

Thus, the cycle continues year in and year out. Unfortunately, as one ages, this span of time seems shorter and shorter, and the years seem to fly by. It is funny that as a kid, time seems to crawl almost to a standstill, but when one is pass middle aged, time seems to go faster. I guess, time really is relative (and not in the Einstein kind of way).
—Robert Confiant 23 August 2016

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