Take the time

Stop. Please do not let the sun set without taking time to reflex on the day’s events.

Did you take time for yourself? Did you sit back and rest? Did you stop to view the world? Specifically, to observe your world, and your treasures?

Did you tell someone that you thought of him or her? Did you tell someone that you loved him or her, that you cherished him or her or that you valued him or her in your life?

It is important to work for a living to feed, to house and to clothed oneself, but it is more important to appreciate one’s family and friends, and to treasure this thing called: “Life.”

I must confess that I rarely do any of these items.

I, probably like a lot of you, take things for granted.

I tell myself that there is no time. Life gets busy and there is not always time to take time for oneself. It’s a poor excuse, but it is the only reason I can give. Is this what I have become (what society has become)? If it is, then something is wrong.

Life is more than work.

Work, while valuable, is not the all or end of all, or at least it should not be. We are more than mere clogs in a machine. We are human, and as such, we are social beings. We derive our value from those with whom we form bonds and friendships.

My family and friends are the best of me. They have my back and I have theirs. I value them above all the material items in my possession.

Sadly, I do not take the time to say, “Thanks.” Nor, do I always let them know what they mean to me. Perhaps, before it is too late, I will get a chance to convey my gratitude and love to each, and every one of them.

I hope you do too.
—Robert Confiant 30 May 2016

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