The more I write

The more I write, the more I feel like a writer. Perhaps I will be before I die. I am not sure why I stopped those many years ago, but as I always say, “Life gets in the way.” I just hope that I become a good writer before I die. To be honest here, if I had continued, then I would have probably been a poet; since, that was what I wrote back then. Not that, this is something to be ashamed of being.

I returned to writing, the way it ended by writing poetry. I did not limit myself to that genre. I wrote, and continue to write, poetry, verse (oh, please if you are reading this and you can write music, call me. Although, I tend to be the poet lyrist such as, The Byrds, Bob Dylan, and the Tragically Hip), short-stories, my blog, and books. I do know that if I never stopped writing, then I would not be so diversified in my writings interests and styles. Although my novels currently are Fantasy novels, I do not plan to limit myself to the genre.

The more I write, the more I enjoy the process, so perhaps I am a ‘writer’ after all.
—Robert Confiant 16 October 2016

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