The need for privacy

If you, the reader, ever wondered why I do not name names in my real-life examples, then wonder no more.

I made a promise with myself… I made a promise when I started writing this blog with the use of examples from my life, and that I would never mention any names. It is one thing to mention oneself, but it is another to mention someone else. So, for their anonymity, I have omitted their names.

Another reason why I do not name persons is because the people mentioned in my example(s) would have no meaning for you. If I named them, then you would still not know them. You would lack the reference.

But, it is the privacy issue that is the more prevalent reason. If these were your family and your friends, then you would probably feel the need to protect and respect their privacy.

I hope you enjoy my blog postings and that you understand the restriction of the need for privacy.
—Robert Confiant 19 February 2017 (mod 25 March 2018)

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