The strangest thing is…

The strangest thing is that I do some of my best writing on the Skytrain (a version of ‘the metro’ in Vancouver, BC). It can be a busy place to try to write.

Most of the time, I write using the apps on my Android phone. My fingers are too big and fat for typing, so there are a lot of typos; however, I figure it is more important to get the idea down in hardcopy than to worry about syntax or typos.

It is one of the weirdest places to find myself writing, as it can be so busy and noisy.

The possible distractions do not seem to bother me, when I get into that zone.

When I get writing, I do not notice the people, nor the noise. In-fact, I have been known to miss one my station stops. Luckily, there are two methods to get home, so if I miss one station, then I still have the other option to find my way home.

This morning, I wrote ‘Sea Breeze’ on the Skytrain. Sure, it had to be tweaked further, but the main gist, style and format were there. I just had to edit it further.

I did the same kind of thing, on the bus, on my way home from work. I didn’t write it down, but I played it back in my mind numerous times, so I would not forget the thought.

I know, I am odd.
—Robert Confiant 29 September 2016

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