The struggles on writing Book 2

I took the week off. A stay-cation. I am trying to save some money, so I decided to stay home on my vacation time.

The game plan was to work on the second book.

I had tried numerous times before, but without much success.

On my first break, earlier in the year (Back in May, I believe), my attempts to get the next story going were unsuccessful. I wrote, but I wasn’t liking what I had written, so I went on to other works: my blog, poetry, songs and short-stories. Although I was unsuccessful at getting the next novel started, at least to my satisfaction, I had written some stuff, so I did not consider that time off to be a waste.

For the first two days of this week, I feared the same failed outcome. Not so. Success, I have completed the Prologue, Chapter 1 and I even started Chapter 2.

To be fair, I have attempted to write my next novel, after I completed the first (end of last year). I just wasn’t liking anything I put down in writing. I felt that the second book was too similar to the first, and thus, this would not do.

Now, it feels good. It feels right. At last, I have started with a new protagonist with differing rationale for her actions.

I am happy that I did not waste another week off, and yes, I still got some other types of writing done as well (including this blog).
—Robert Confiant 20 October 2016

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