The train home

It is not the end of August and the start of school, for most students, is still more than two weeks away, and already the train is almost full: All the seats are taken, people cram the aisle and doorways, and space is a luxury as I stand, as a short man, facing the armpit of a taller man. I turn my face and stare ahead. I long to move, but there is little room.
At each stop, some people exit the train, even more people continue to board. The train grows ever more crowded. As the trip continues onward, exiting and entering the train becomes more difficult to the point that people politely lightly push and shove their way off and on the train.

As I get pressed upon those about me, I curse the train line builders for their short-sightedness. The system was built with haste and corners were cut: To save costs, stations and train lengths were shortened, and a shared line was used for two terminus destinations that, now, causes a bottle neck and limited train frequency. For all intensive purposes, the system is obsolete with hundreds of condominiums still to be built along the line. I ponder as to what the designers and builders were thinking.

Finally, my stop and I have managed to worm my way to the door before the train comes to a complete stop. I squirm my way through the doorway and sigh as I have completed that leg of my route. Unfortunately, the bus route is not much better.
Some days, taking transit sucks.
—Robert Confiant 24 August 2016

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